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星期六, 4月 30, 2005

Experience from job - - - Time

Well...I am going to resign my job on next tuesday ~

There are serveal reasons for me to resign it ~

1st : Time

2nd : The Exp. from the job [discuss later]

for the 1st reason, -.- this job is so time-consuming, i need to use around 2.4 - 3 hours on travel ~

Some ppl would say ~

I dun really argee with this explanation -.- ~

Time is IMPORTANT ~ thats all i know

Bascially, we can think in the other way.

Lets use our life to be an example ^__^

Here are some informations for us to know about our life more ~

Humans are the longest-living mammals. The maximum human life-span is 120 years, but the length of life varies a lot from place to place.

Overall, we know a lot about the human population. Yet although we know how long a newborn baby is statistically expected to live, we cannot predict how long each individual newborn will actually live. An accident or self-destructive life-style can suddenly end the life of any person, independent of their genes.

Life expectancy has increased dramatically in the industrialised world during the 20th century - from almost 50 years to now nearly 80 years. The longest-living group are Japanese women, who are expected to live 83 years

Lets say our life-span are around 60-70 yrs

And We need to spend at least 20 yrs on studying -.- or even +2 to 3 yrs more to get a degree.

PS:Some ppl may not argee with me -.-
They think spending so much time on studying is stupid [i'll discuss it on another topic]

After we finished our study.
Its time to work -.- ~ (you'll find gf, earn money, make family, babies...etc)

We'll still have around 37 or 47 yrs for us to do all these things

Do not forget 1 thing !!!

We need to spend almost 20 yrs or 30 years to work -.- for earning money.
Then you'll retire ~ and had a....stable .... life ~
[7-17 yrs only]

so...we'll be around 60 ... we won't get enough energy to travel, probally most of our friends are d =.= lol j/k....

ps: Well this is just depend on you are clever or not to earn so much money before you become an OLD MAN.

Therefore, time is really important for all of us.

Especially, when we are still young. Our Brain can still remember and learn many different new data.

So dun just waste time on a 'robot job' ~ we need to learn more thingsssss

omg...smart baby ~!!!! O.o

wow...i got so many ideas...i'lltype it later ~

星期五, 4月 29, 2005

登天難 求人更難
黃蓮苦 貧窮更苦
春冰薄 人情更薄
江湖險 人心更險

星期三, 4月 27, 2005

My Work -.-

Need to be more concentrate on the work...

Make Less Mistakes !

Remember to Proof-read !

and remember to Ask for help !


The job .... makes me feel... like in CPU again !

星期日, 4月 24, 2005

Communication : Chapter 2

If you think you don't have many friends or feel bored in your life.

Maybe...your communications skills is not good enuf for u to know some friends :<

There are some ways to help U to level up your skills on talking.

Basically, people who dunno how to talk with new ppl in life [just like me-.-]

Because they are lack of confidence

Well...we can do more presentations. Most of us are scared to present sths in front

of others.

But this practices would improve our talking skills and confidence.

Besides my suggestions,

Here are the 99 Ways To Improve Your Communication Skills

1. Listen with an open mind

2. Ask open ended questions

3. Ask closed questions to confirm and validate.

4. Acknowledge feelings

5. Explore and confirm your understanding.

6. Use "scales" to compare degrees of feeling, intensity, urgency, insistence

7. Explain your thinking clearly

8. Explain your feelings honestly

9. Use criteria and data to make a decision

10. Explain your criteria and confirm your data

11. Reach agreement on a decision process

12. Explain your level of commitment and urgency

13. Involve others in your decisions

14. Develop a friendly relationship before ever offering criticism

15. Declare your passions for the things you love

16. Ask permission before offering feedback to anyone, ever

17. Practice receiving feedback in a friendly manner

18. Practice giving encouraging feedback

19. Make and video-record a presentation and then watch it carefully

20. Tape your voice and listen to it carefully

21. Study the expressions of everyday body language

22. Confirm your interpretations of body language

23. Make comfortable and frequent eye contact

24. Respect and reflect the feelings of others

25. Validate the feelings of others

26. Respect your elders…as well as those younger than you

27. Respect authority…but ask lots of questions

28. Say hello first. Be the friendly one.

29. Touch someone’s shoulder, or back, or arm in a friendly way.

30. Learn to laugh at almost everyone's jokes

31. Make integrity one of your core values and ask other people what that should mean.

32. Always tell the truth.

33. Keep your promises

34. Name the problems that stand in the way of mutual understanding

35. Read lots of novels.

36. Read lots of nonfiction including things that have absolutely nothing to do with your job, or your major, or your expertise

37. Keep a journal. Write something every day

38. Watch a movie and look for the communication theme

39. Paint a picture about communication

40. Go for a walk & talk with a friend

41. Turn on the stereo and find the communication theme in a song

42. Play like a child (by getting a child to teach you)

43. Play the drums to express your feelings to a friend

44. Watch a great communicator in action and ask at least three questions.

45. Listen to a sportscaster for a team you don’t care about.

46. Watch a video recording of a debate or campaign speech

47. Sing in a choir.

48. Listen to many great speakers and preachers. Take notes.

49. Set aside and use some "wandering" time to talk to a family member.

50. Practice pronouncing your words clearly by reading aloud.

51. Practice using new gestures. Dance.

52. Write an old fashioned letter with paper and pen.

53. Paraphrase what someone else says and ask if you reflected their thoughts and feelings correctly.

54. Pause during an activity to think about what it’s teaching you about communication.

55. Control yourself from jumping to conclusions by counting to 3…or 10…or maybe 100

56. Think, listen, and pause when you feel like interrupting

57. Let people finish their own sentences. Even (especially) your significant other.

58. Ask for examples, especially when you think you disagree

59. Provide examples, especially when you don’t agree. Explain your thinking.

60. Be specific and provide details when you’re talking with a co-worker.

61. Clarify, clarify, clarify. Pretend you really don't know (you probably don't).

62. Ask questions before supporting or opposing another person's ideas.

63. Read about communicating. Glean wisdom from short quotes on communication.

64. Take notes. Re-read them later.

65. Take a college course.

66. Tell stories to illustrate your points.

67. Learn another language.

68. Sell something.

69. Expand your vocabulary. Learn a new word every day.

70. As you watch a TV show, focus on the ways the characters communicate.

71. Turn the radio on in the car to a station featuring talk.How do they keep things lively?

72. Turn the cell phone off and begin a face to face conversation with someone you don't know.

73. Take a breather and step away during a heated discussion. Return when you're ready to listen first before speaking.

74. Challenge assumptions, especially your own.

75. Change your perspective on something by seeing it a new way.

76. Join a discussion group, Bible study, or book club.

77. Leave the chat room for the living room.

78. Teach a course.

79. Watch a comedian and pay close attention to the use of timing, pace, and rhythm

80. Play charades.

81. Watch a clown for tips on non-verbal communication.

82. Assume responsibility for anything and everything that matters to you and then: speak up!

83. Take care of other people's feelings as well as your own.

84. Eliminate secret side-bar conversations during gatherings and meetings.

85. Leave rank at the door.

86. Handle differences or conflicts positively and constructively.

87. Keep confidences…but (see 88)

88. Assume every word that you say is "on" the record. Nothing is private.

89. Smile. Laugh. Giggle. A lot.

90. Remember that people are allowed to change. You, too. Talk about it.

91. Never retaliate against a personal wrong. React with kindness and discuss it..

92. Follow through on commitments and explain clearly exactly what they are.

93. Share responsibility. Always.

94. Don't assume that silence means agreement. Ever.

95. Reframe your perspective on thekey points in a conversation to check for your own understanding.

96. Use "I" statements and requests instead of “you” statements and commands.

97. Declare your openness to new ideas.

98. Speak only for yourself.

99. Be yourself!

-.- wow...99 ways

Hope you would get more friends :D

Enjoy you life :)

星期六, 4月 23, 2005

Communication : Chapter 1

Depend on our technology, we got so many ways to communicate with our friends
such as mobiles, home-phones, letters -.- , e-mails, sms
for computers: we have icq, msn , yahoo messenger ,skype...etc. to chat with our friends or even meet some new friends from different countries :)

We'll meet new people in our life too, so what is the best way to talk with them?

well...maybe you can play sport with them -.-

you'll have fun in the game

However as you are growing up, you need to work in company or be a boss !?

[But that will be a long way for u to be a boss]

Communication is really an important skills for everyone.
Most of us should have experience about 'dunno how to talk to someone that you know or even dunno'

Such as : 'Will you marry me ?' -.- this is really hard for boys to say it to girls

星期五, 4月 22, 2005

Fun pics

Wow -.- chased by many .......[they are all men -.-]


電影"Fight Club"開頭的warning ...
read it....dun be lazy to read english
its fun ~


-.- another challenge on tuesday !

星期四, 4月 21, 2005


Oh...I forget to pray for Miss Ho -_-
she got sick again...
Hmm...i hope she will be fine ~
Wow....i will have an interview on tommorow...-_-
It will be another challenge for me !!!

星期二, 4月 19, 2005

Would my friends blame on me ? ...


星期日, 4月 17, 2005


Site will not update in next 6 days

星期四, 4月 14, 2005

Chinese or English ?

What languages should I use english or chinese in this website -.- ?

No idea...

星期三, 4月 13, 2005


Janice(衛蘭) ~~
She is the new singer in Hong Kong, waaaaa her voice is LEEEEET

Oh My God...I'll buy her cd in the coming saturday ~!

星期六, 4月 09, 2005


Today, sky finished the chinese listening exam. (How come we need a chinese listening exammmmmmm? I dun unsderstand it -.-) Well...what we need to do for it ?
Basically, you need to

Yah this is the very basic skills -_-
Actually, Listening skills is very important for u, it could help u understand what do others talking about and it can help u to communicate with new ppl too.
So how do u improve your listening skills for exam?
you need a big ear ? hehe no :)

a very good radio to get a good audio for the listening ? probally a yes, but not the main reason :)

Actually, all you need to do is to CONCENTRATE on the exam -_-

Well...but it is very hard to concentrate and even be relax for sky -.- maybe this is my own problem la...But...Do the method of attempting listening exams are same as the whole world ? In HK, candidates need to take a radio and tune it to RTHK channel for listening the exam...yah...sometimes the quality of sound will be affected by the bad receive of radio. Also, Before the start of the exam, there will have 2 DJs...keep tell u to relax -.- ... Sky hates that 2 djs very much...they keep talk about some stupid jokes...and make u feel nervous. Also, HKAL will provide a music called 'Green Sleeve' ?<--- maybe wrong spelling, They'll say: ok here is a classical music from Scotland, Green Sleeve , after the music finished , exam will start ! LOL...however this music is very...very.......very...........BORING...it'll make u lose power -_-
lol...sky finds the photos of the 2 stupid djs :<
should i post it in here ?


Luckily, sky drank the Libogen again...

Yeh! Super Sky again :D
so the exam is okay again...hmm...haha so HAPPY !! WOW

and btw Janice finally come out la -.-
she is a new singer in hk...with a really good voice ! omg gogogo
her chinese name is Wai Lan. I'll provide more infromations about her laterrr


I drank two bottle of 100ml libogen before i took the exam -.-
wow...it is crazy LOL...I feel my Fighting spirit is level up'ed ... It is just like Normal Goku ... power up to Super Goku ? lol...feel like from 100% power turn to 200% power...it is a really crazy feelings and really surpised me-_-

Depend on the power up, wow Super Sky ? I feel 200% concentration to face the exams....WoW this is the 1st time for sky to have 200%. I think Iibogen is just like some kinds of drugs ? isn't it -.-? It helped me to relax, recover energy and increase my concentration.

I really think..libogen is just another kind of drugs. After you drank it you would be in super mode around 2-3 hours. However it takes side effect to sky...After the duration of Super mode...yah...just like Goku, you'll return back to normal mode then i feel SUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPER tired..and dizzy ><...wow...

星期一, 4月 04, 2005

Part 2 of Life

As we are growing up, we'll face differenct people in our life. Some people would say our life is helping others to make them feel happy. Yah, that is true. You would feel happy on helping others too :)
From some other people that you meet in life, they may affect your mind. I guess most of us would have a dream of being a richman/woman, right ? -_-
There are many reasons for you to want to be a rich person.
Such as:
1st - Buy a Big House to let your parents live
2nd - Buy anythings you want without thinking
3rd - Have a comfortable life
4th - use the money to help poor people
There are so many reasons for you to be a rich person.
Some people would say Happy is much more important than money.
Well, that is true.
So, whats the real reason for living in this world ?
I dun have any idea on this question.

Probably, I need more exp. in my life 1st.

星期六, 4月 02, 2005

Here is a part of my secret ~ wow

wow ~  Posted by Hello

I made it when i was in f.3 :D wow LOVE music box  Posted by Hello

星期五, 4月 01, 2005

Why is the Sky Blue ? ^^

Light is a kind of energy that can travel through space. Light from the sun or a light bulb looks white, but it is really a mixture of many colors. The colors in white light are red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. You can see these colors when you look at a rainbow in the sky.

The sky is filled with air. Air is a mixture of tiny gas molecules and small bits of solid stuff, like dust.

As sunlight goes through the air, it bumps into the molecules and dust. When light hits a gas molecule, it may bounce off in a different direction. Some colors of light, like red and orange, pass straight through the air. But most of the blue light bounces off in all directions. In this way, the blue light gets scattered all around the sky.

When you look up, some of this blue light reaches your eyes from all over the sky. Since you see blue light from everywhere overhead, the sky looks blue.

In space, there is no air. Because there is nothing for the light to bounce off, it just goes straight. None of the light gets scattered, and the "sky" looks dark and black.